Our mission

If you have any problems with your your landlord or the SSH and you feel that your complaints are not treated correctly, you can ask help from ISHA. We can advise you and discuss your complaint with SSH or refer you to the right address for help. VIDIUS offer legal advice for all students so for disputes with your land landlord you will often be referred to them. Furthermore, we will try to answer any questions you have regarding your housing situation. So even when it is not necessarily a complaint, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Secondly, we conduct a survey about international student housing in Utrecht once a semester. This survey helps us to monitor the current housing standards for international students in Utrecht. You can find the current survey here.

At the end of the year the results of the two surveys will be combined and we will write a report highlighting the main problems regarding international housing. This report will be discussed with the SSH and higher education institutions to see what can be improved for the next year.