International Student Housing Assistance

International Student Housing Assistance

The International Students Housing Assistance (ISHA) is a joint committee by three Utrecht students associations: European Students Network (ESN), VIDIUS and BoKS.

ISHA is a committee that has been established to protect the rights of Short Stayers (exchange students, master students and employees) renting a room of SSH for a short period of time.

ISHA is independent of SSH. The main goal of ISHA is to represent tenants’ rights and to improve the housing conditions of Short Stayers. Although it is not the main target group, also international students which are renting in the private sector are more than welcome to ask their questions to ISHA.

ESN is a non-profit international student organisation, active in 274 local sections in 34 countries.
VIDIUS is the students union in Utrecht, mainly concerning the quality of studying and overall living of students in Utrecht.
BoKS is a union of tenants of the largest Utrecht student housing association, SSH. SSH Short Stay is part of SSH.

The ISHA board consists of one member of each of these organisations.

What do we do?

If you have any problems with your landlord (SSH Short Stay in most cases) and you feel that your complaints are not treated correctly, you can ask help from ISHA. ISHA can advise you and discuss your complaint with SSH Short Stay and try to find a solution for you.

Secondly, we conduct a biannual questionnairy about international student housing in Utrecht. This questionnairy helps us to monitor the current housing standards for international students in Utrecht. You can find the current questionnairy here.

What don’t we do?

We neither offer nor search rooms for you. If you need a room go to or ask the university.