International Student Housing Assistance Utrecht

Complaints about your room?
Problems with your landlord?
In need of legal advise regarding housing?

Then you’re in the right place! 

ISHA is a joint foundation of four student organizations in Utrecht: ESN, VIDIUS, BuddyGoDutch and BoKS.

This collaboration exists to protect the rights of international students in Utrecht. ISHA is independent of SSH, even tough the main goal of ISHA in the early days used to be representing tenants’ rights and to improve the housing conditions of Short Stayers, over time the aim has spread to all international students in Utrecht that have questions in any way related to housing.

What do we do? We…

  • Answer all your questions on living in Utrecht; for example how to find a room, what you should do if you have problems with your landlord or anything else that concerns housing.
  • Provide legal advice to help you safeguard your tenancy rights.
  • Publish a report every year on how internationals students experience living in Utrecht and how the municipality, university and other organisations can improve this. Help us by filling in our survey here.
  • Draw attention to the high rents for students in Utrecht. Wandering if you pay too much rent? You can check it here:

Interested in one of these things? Contact us by sending an email to 

Need legal advice? Send an email to

What don’t we do?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any rooms or directly help you find one. If you need a room go to, ask the university or have a look at this page, for more information and a list of websites of where you can find a room in Utrecht!